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Character Information Edit

Name Meaning: "Ki" means care, "saku" is simply a way to end the name, and "Jundo" means purity.

First Name for Non-Native Japanese Fans: Jundo

Common Nicknames: Juu-Juu, Kii-san, Juniper, June-bug, Doe-Di-Doe, and Keys-a-lot.

Birthdate/Release Date: November 20th, 2014

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Height: 6 feet and 4 inches or 195 centimeters

Weight: 205 pounds or 93 kilograms

Character Item: A small teddy bear

Character Food: Pain au chocolat

Vague Personality: "Strong, silent type", calm and soft, "gentle giant"

Eye Color: Gray (looks soul-less)

Hair Color: Red

Nationality: Japanese

Screenshot (7)

Credit for this image goes to me,

Outfit Design Edit

Currently WIP.

Voicebank Information Edit

As I would love to have him as top priority, he currently is 2nd underway. As soon as Naoharu's voicebank is complete, Jundo's will be next to start. The language it will definitely be in is Japanese and maybe English.

Usage Requirements Edit

When using Jundo's future voice or design, do not alter, steal, or use without letting me know. Otherwise, we have no problems.

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