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Character Information Edit

Name Meaning: "Satoshi" means wise, "Nao" means honest, and "Haru" means fine sunshine.

First Name for Non-Native Japanese Fans: Naoharu

Common Nicknames: Nao-chan, Naochi, and Sato-san.

Birthdate/Release Date: January 13th, 2013

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Height: 5 feet and 4 inches or 162 centimeters

Weight: 139 pounds or 63 kilograms

Character Item: A small toy firetruck

Character Food: Pumpkin Pie

Vague Personality Gentle, soothing, and very romantically intimate.

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: White

Nationality: Japanese

Naoharu satoshi

Credit for this drawing goes to

Outfit Design Edit

Utau naoharu satoshi reference sheet by 14crownclown3dg-d5rfxmv-1-

Closer inspection of his outfit. Credit for this image goes to

He is model 16, thus the 16 on his left shoulder.

His gray choker has a red gem on it. The blue and black part that stops at the waist is indeed a jacket, and the white and gray under it is a sleeveless top.

His gloves are supposed to be more tight by the fingers, and flare a little more by the wrist. His control boards are located on the back side of the gloves, and have yellow and red buttons.

His boots are blue and black, with white crossing lace. And under the lace section is an upside down triangle, to make the whole picture like an arrow.

Voicebank Information Edit

As of right now, his voicebank is in the process of creation. The language it will be in is most definitely going to be Japanese.

Usage Requirements Edit

When using Naoharu's future voice or design, do not alter, steal, or use without letting me know. Otherwise, we have no problems.

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